Michael (?)1

M, #5552
Last Edited=4 Dec 2006
     Michael (?) married Kimberly Gehrman, daughter of Dr. Robert Sidney Gehrman DVM and Sharon Kay Pereira.1

Children of Michael (?) and Kimberly Gehrman


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Michele (?)

F, #9630
Last Edited=14 Nov 2023
     Michele (?) married Larry J. Foor, son of Kermit Paul Foor Sr. and Virginia Rebecca Harn.

Mildred (?)1

F, #5990
Last Edited=24 Sep 2007
     Mildred (?) married George Rupel Walz, son of George Henry Walz and Nellie Pearl Rupel.1


  1. [S1847] Terry Walz, "Email from Terry Walz - 20Sep2007," e-mail message from e-mail address (n/a) to Steven Harn Redman, 20 Sep 2007. Hereinafter cited as "Email from Terry Walz - 20Sep2007."

Mimi (?)

F, #8960
Last Edited=2 Oct 2021

Mindy (?)

F, #9477
Last Edited=16 Oct 2022
     Mindy (?) married Scott Harn, son of Larry W. Harn and female (?).

Minnie M. (?)

F, #4818, b. circa 1868
Last Edited=23 Nov 2020
     Minnie M. (?) was born circa 1868 at Minnesota. She married Henry Frederick Guetzkow.


Census7 April 1930St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota

Child of Minnie M. (?) and Henry Frederick Guetzkow

Monica C. (?)1

F, #6845
Last Edited=19 Dec 2012
     Monica C. (?) married Mark R. Deignan, son of Paul Anthony Deignan and Donna Marie Perkins.1


  1. [S2095] Spokeo People-search website, online www.spokeo.com. Hereinafter cited as Spokeo People-search website.

Muriel (?) Dotson

F, #8752
Last Edited=19 Apr 2021
     Muriel (?) Dotson married Kenneth E. Weidman Jr., son of Kenneth Earl Weidman and Fletah Pauline Devor, on 4 August 1956 at Livingston, Park Co., Montana.

Myra V. (?)

F, #7261, b. 1895
Last Edited=21 Sep 2014
     Myra V. (?) was born in 1895 at Maryland. She married Kenley Warfield Dorsey, son of Claggett Warfield Dorsey and Laura Olevia Harn.

Child of Myra V. (?) and Kenley Warfield Dorsey

Namsun (?)1

F, #5042
Last Edited=6 Aug 2022
     Namsun (?) married Keith Alan Hendricks, son of Gary Hendricks and Jeannie (?), circa 1989.1 Namsun (?) married William Michael Harn Jr., son of William Oscar Harn and Donna Ann McCarthy, on 1 June 2005 at Clark Co., Nevada.2,1


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    Name:      William Michael Harn
    Gender:      Male
    Spouse:      Nam Sun Hendricks
    Marriage Date:      1 Jun 2005
    Marriage County:      Clark
    Officiant Type:      Religious celebrant
    Recorded Date:      2 Jun 2005
    Recorded County:      Clark
    Book:      602
    Page:      D814897
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Nancy (?)1

F, #2594
Last Edited=27 Nov 2000


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Nancy (?)1

F, #6961
Last Edited=20 Nov 2013
     Nancy (?) married Garrard Davis Sr., son of male Davis and female (?), in 1760 at Maryland.1

Children of Nancy (?) and Garrard Davis Sr.


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Nancy J. (?)

F, #5638
Last Edited=1 Mar 2020
     Nancy J. (?) married Craig Roger Cousland, son of Leon Roger Cousland and Helen Marie Purdy.

Nellie (?)

F, #5642, b. October 1864
Last Edited=21 Jan 2007
     Nellie (?) was born in October 1864 at Illinois birth infor from 1900 Census.1 Nellie (?) was also known as Ellen A. O'Farrell.1 She married Henry Roger Cousland, son of Joseph Cousland and Jeannette White, in 1887.


Census1 June 1900El Dorado Twsp., Butler Co., Kansas, Nellie listed as born Oct 1864 in Illinois, married 13 years, three children

Children of Nellie (?) and Henry Roger Cousland


  1. [S1775] George Everett Cousland, "Joseph Cousland Family," e-mail message from e-mail address (255 Spring Creek, Branson, MO 65616) to Steven Harn Redman, 21 Jan 2007. Hereinafter cited as "Joseph Cousland Family."

Nellie Mae (?)1

F, #5690
Last Edited=9 Mar 2007
     Nellie Mae (?) married James Frank Anderson.1

Children of Nellie Mae (?) and James Frank Anderson


  1. [S1795] Virda Anderson Copeland, The Norman Transcript (Oklahoma), www.ancestry.com, 15 Feb 2007, n/a. Hereinafter cited as The Norman Transcript (Oklahoma).

Nora P. (?)

F, #8217, b. circa 1892, d. circa 1915
Last Edited=13 May 2020
     Nora P. (?) was born circa 1892 at Ohio. She married Everett Milton Harn, son of Theodore Columbus Harn and Cora Ellen Rust, on 26 June 1909 at Montgomery Co., Ohio. Nora P. (?) died circa 1915.

Ole (?)

M, #8810
Last Edited=9 Jun 2021
     Ole (?) married Briana Marie Featherstone, daughter of Bruce Glenn Featherstone and Linda Leila Ostby.

Olivia (?)

F, #8870
Last Edited=6 Jul 2021
     Olivia (?) married Alvin Leroy Egbert, son of Samuel Joseph Egbert and Charlotte Maxine Warfel.

Orie (?)

F, #8311
Last Edited=3 Aug 2020
     Orie (?) married Clarence A. Shade.

Child of Orie (?) and Clarence A. Shade

Pamela (?)

F, #8789, b. 1895
Last Edited=17 May 2022
     Pamela (?) was born in 1895 at Minnesota. She married Russell Eddy circa 1920.

Child of Pamela (?) and Russell Eddy

Pamela (?)

F, #9554
Last Edited=15 Aug 2023
     Pamela (?) married William Akins Crumrine Jr., son of William Akins Crumrine and Margaret Barnett Tonkin, circa 1972.1


  1. [S2792] William A. Crumrine Jr., Kerrville Daily Times (TX), https://dailytimes.com/obituaries/william-akins-crumrine-jr/article_5733a3f6-dd16-11ea-b34a-036093a280e2.html, 12 Aug 2020. Hereinafter cited as Kerrville Daily Times (TX).

Patricia (?)

F, #3723
Last Edited=30 Apr 1995
     Patricia (?) married Wayne Allen Ruple, son of Harold Ruple and Dorothy (?).

Child of Patricia (?) and Wayne Allen Ruple

Patricia L. (?)

F, #5738
Last Edited=1 Apr 2007
     Patricia L. (?) married Ronald Joseph Farner, son of Eldon Lowell Farner and Naomi Bernice Richards.

Child of Patricia L. (?) and Ronald Joseph Farner

Patti (?)

F, #8688
Last Edited=6 Mar 2021
     Patti (?) married Dan Harn, son of Clyde Ellsworth Harn and Helena M. Shaffer.

Child of Patti (?) and Dan Harn

Paula (?)

F, #9876
Last Edited=1 Feb 2024
     Paula (?) married Richard Foley Quinn, son of Thomas Henry Quinn II and Elinor Foley.

Paulette (?)

F, #9884
Last Edited=2 Feb 2024
     Paulette (?) married James Dennis McCarthy, son of Dennis James McCarthy and Mary Rose Connena.

Peggy (?)

F, #4596
Last Edited=6 Jan 2005

Permelia (?)

F, #3390
Last Edited=25 Apr 1995
     Ruple Family in America, 1988, by Jack D. Ruple Sr., pg 148. Permelia (?) married James Ruple, son of Martin Ruple and Nancy Miller.

Permelia (?)

F, #3476, b. circa 1807, d. 3 January 1877
Last Edited=11 Apr 1999
     Permelia (?) was born circa 1807 at Ohio.1 She married John Ruple, son of John Rupel and Elizabeth Bird (Byrd). Permelia (?) died on 3 January 1877.1 She was buried at Carlton Cemetery, Cleveland Twsp., Elkhart Co., Indiana.1 Died at age of 69 years, 11 months, and 9 days.

Children of Permelia (?) and John Ruple


  1. [S29] Jim Coleman, "Jim Coleman FHL film 1673524, item 14", 1990 (Mishawaka, Indiana). Hereinafter cited as "John Coleman records."

Pettigrew (?)

F, #3846
Last Edited=4 Jul 1995
     Pettigrew (?) married James Hearne, son of John Hearne and Anna Chesney. History of West Virginia & It's People, Vol III, pg 701-704.